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Enhanced@Home Lessons


These have been carefully designed by our team of educational experts as the best way to help children maintain their learning during the period while schools are closed. We recognise that school closures will cause massive disruption to families, working parents and children’s education.Please note, we are accepting new students at this time.


Here’s how they will work:


  • From week beginning Saturday 18th April, instead of coming into the centre, students will login at home to the Kip McGrath website at a set time for a regular 80 minute session. We will be available during these 80 minutes and give them all the help they need. They can get in touch as often as necessary during the lesson time using Skype which is FREE and both parties can see each other - which is particularly useful for the teacher .

  • Skype for Windows or mobiles can be downloaded from https://www.skype.com/en/get-skype/

  • Teachers will only be contactable during your scheduled lesson time(s) so we encourage all students to try and do their work at that time. However, access to lessons will be available for 6 days, so even if you can't be online at the set time, work can be done later.

  • For families where more than one child attends lessons at the same time and where it is not possible for both children to use a computer, let us know and we can arrange different lessons times.

  • The Enhanced@Home Lessons will be charged at £26.50 if paying weekly, but if booking lessons in advance, or booking more than one lesson per week, discounts are available.




Kip McGrath Wollaton was the first Kip Centre to open in Nottingham. Since 2004, we have been offering the best of English and maths tuition to students of all abilities, aged 6 to 19. Using tried and tested Kip McGrath resources, we guarantee to provide the best tuition for your child. Following a free assessment, we will build an individual learning plan in either English, maths or both subjects. Due to current restrictions, rather than offer face-to-face tuition, all our lessons will be online withe real-time tutor support. 

Other companies cannot guarantee fully qualified teachers. Other companies will not tutor beyond the age of 14. Other companies are not us.