Our Tuition


We run 80 minute sessions at our centre here in Wollaton, with the majority of students attending once a week for a lesson in either Maths or English. If children require tuition in both subjects, they will attend twice a week. The cost of an 80 minute session is £31.50; however, if a student attends more than once a week or if there are two children from the same family, the cost per session is £27.50. Block booking lessons also qualifies for discount. Sessions are 4pm and 5.30pm, Monday to Thursday and then 10.30am and 12pm Saturday. There are a maximum of 5 children in any one session.


We are also OFSTED registered, which means people in receipt of Working Tax Credits can claim the cost of lessons against their income and/or use Childcare Vouchers to pay for tuition. All our tutors are fully qualified teachers, and CRB checked.


The first thing we do is assess children to work out what levels they are working at and from those results we can tailor-make a course of study for each child. Therefore, everybody is following their own course and competing with nobody but themselves. Providing attendance is regular and students put the effort in, the vast majority of them will advance one academic year in one term. Lessons cover some 6 or 7 different activities, incorporating worksheets, text books and computers, thereby stimulating children in a multitude of disciplines.


The assessment is free of charge and obligation and can be performed in one of two ways:-


  • A stand-alone assessment, which takes around 30 minutes; an initial chat with the student and parent, the assessment itself and then the feedback.
  • An assessment done during the course of an 80 minute lesson, with parents coming back at the end for the results.



Please note, the type of assessment offered will depend on what times we have available.